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Brij the Gap partners with organizations to transform your underrepresented employees, their peers, and their people leaders and foster an authentic culture of inclusivity, safety, and engaged community. Through our wide range of personal and professional development education and consulting services, we see ourselves as an extension of your team to help develop, advance and increase retention of your organization’s top talent.

Services for Your Employees

Did you know that 40% of professionals leave their companies because of lack of career development and advancement opportunities? Through workshops, programs and coaching, Brij the Gap helps to develop your employees through professional branding, self advocacy and self-leadership education to help you retain your top talent and increase engagement and productivity.

4-Week Accelerator

Brij the Gap’s four-week program provides career advancement content, coaching and community to your underrepresented employees. In this 4 week program, your employees will master strategic career advancement and self advocacy strategies to help them achieve their professional goals while helping your organization increase retention.


Our workshops are best suited for company’s who desire to invest career development resources into their employees in a shorter timeframe. Our 90 minute workshops provide prescriptive strategies to approach and manage critical skills like mastering the art of self advocacy, how to best communicate with leaders, driving your career with self-leadership and many more. Download information on our most popular workshops below. Custom workshop options are available to best suit your company’s DEI and Learning and Development goals.

Group Coaching Circles

According to McKinsey, 46% of underrepresented employees desire a trusting and caring community to talk through challenges specific to their identities. Brij the Gap’s Group Coaching Circles creates a safe space to learn career advancement strategies while dissecting how to approach uncomfortable challenges in the workplace in a group setting. This highly impactful environment is customized to your organizations employee feedback, goals and challenges.

Please email hello@brijthegapconsulting.com to learn more.

Services for People Leaders

You’ve heard the saying before: people do not quit their jobs. They quit their managers. In fact 57% of employees who left their companies attribute their decision to dissatisfaction with their leaders. In effort to create alignment, trust and mutually satisfying relationships between leaders and their underrepresented direct reports, organizations must invest effective leadership education, coaching and a safe environment into their people leaders.

4-Week Accelerator For Leaders

Brij the Gap for Leaders is for people managers whose direct reports are participating in the Brij the Gap 4 week Accelerator for Employees. In effort to create impactful change in your organization, the onus cannot only be on employees to move the needles in their careers. People managers and leaders need to understand the fundamental challenges underrepresented employees face and how to best support them as they adopt and implement the strategies they learn in Brij the Gap. Brij the Gap for Leaders provides the exact formula and personalized coaching on how leaders, mentors and sponsors can help their underrepresented direct reports thrive within your organization and ultimately increase retention.

Workshops for People Leaders

Turning dialogue into action to achieve an enriching work environment is more crucial than ever, but it takes awareness, sensitivity, and collaboration to achieve, especially from people leaders. Brij the Gap offers a variety of workshops to help your people leaders best manage, develop and advance your employees to create more engaged, productive and happy employees.

Speaking Engagements

Devika Brij, Founder and CEO of Brij the Gap, is recognized as a thought leader on career advancement, professional branding, effective leadership and self advocacy. She has served as keynote speaker and panelist across many organizations and educational institutions like Meta, Morgan Stanley, Visa, Santa Clara University and several others. If you’re interested in having Devika speak at your company event, conference or offsite, please get in touch below.

Speaking Engage
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