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Brij the Gap partners with all demographics. Understanding that underrepresented groups have intersections in their challenges around self-advocacy, professional branding and life experiences that could impact their professional journeys, Brij the Gap Consulting is proud to partner with all demographics with the ultimate goal of up leveling underrepresented groups. 

Yes. The career advancement strategies taught in Brij the Gap programs and workshops are applicable to all demographics across various titles, seniorities, industries, and functions. We dig deeper to address and discuss challenges and topics pertaining to specific demographics in the group coaching environment.  

  • 60-90 minutes in length.
  • Focused on one specific topics (see workshop topics under “Services”).
  • Option to be customized to include company specifics (performance review model, culture, etc).
  • Open to all demographics.
  • Uncapped attendee size.
  • Includes Q&A and/or group breakout session.
Brij the Gap (4 Week Program):
  • 45 min of video content per week (self paced).
  • 60 min live coaching per week with Devika Brij.
  • Robust career advancement program that focuses on building your professional brand, mastering the art of self advocacy, creating and scaling your narrative, building mutually beneficial relationships with mentors and sponsors and effective negotiation. 
  • Includes pre-launch meeting with your leadership team, onboarding and comms support and post-program meeting to share feedback and insights that will shape your company’s DEI strategy.
  • Open to all demographics with a focus on educating your employees on the challenges underrepresented groups experience and how to create a safe and collaborative environment. 
  • 15 Participant Minimum.

Brij the Gap for Leaders is highly recommended to create a safe space of empathy, collaboration and education between your leaders and employees but not required. This program is an add-on service that enables your organization to create change from the top down. 

4-6 weeks prior to your desired start date to allocate enough time to introduce, market, collect registrations and onboard attendees. 

Coaching sessions within the Brij the Gap 4 Week Program can be split up by demographic, seniority, etc if desired.

Both Brij the Gap for Leaders and workshops are available for your people managers and leaders.
At this time, Brij the Gap does not offer one-on-one coaching. Personalized support is offered through group coaching formats. 

Brij the Gap Consulting exclusively partners with organizations to offer professional development support. Please visit to learn about how to work with Devika directly.

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