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Advancing & Retaining

At Brij The Gap Consulting, we are your partner in developing, advancing,  and retaining your underrepresented employees and their leaders through career advancement, self-advocacy strategies and personalized coaching.

Our partners

Empowering Your Employees to Elevate Your Business

Brij the Gap partners with organizations to develop, advance and increase retention of their underrepresented employees. As an extension of your teams and existing resources, Brij the Gap is committed to helping you meet your company’s learning and development, leadership development, retention and DEI goals through career development programs, workshops and consulting.

Develop Skills

We help your employees cultivate a development mindset and empower them to embrace opportunities to refine their skills, acquire new competencies and broaden their professional horizons.

Advance Careers

We provide your employees with the blueprint and support to reach their career advancement goals including how to master self advocacy, improve communication with leaders, cultivate a network of advocates and build their professional brands.

Educate Your Leaders

By educating your leaders on the unique challenges underrepresented employees experience, we empower your leadership teams to take intentional and proactive actions to create a safe environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and engaged.

Increase Retention

We empower your employees to shift feelings of discouragement and career fatigue to strategic and intentional steps towards career development and advancement, resulting in increased retention of your top talent.

Our Founder

We're committed to helping you create a workplace where every employee can thrive.

Devika Brij, CEO and Founder of Brij the Gap Consulting, is a champion for creating empowered workforces by helping underrepresented professionals embrace their position as the driver in their careers.

She has over 12 years of experience in creating professional development frameworks and environments that enables underrepresented individuals to thrive. Prior to launching Brij the Gap Consulting, Devika was a sales and people leader who transformed her career at top global companies like Google, LinkedIn and several tech startups. As a woman of color who drove significant value for the companies she worked for, she often felt like an outsider and overlooked despite her professional achievements. Through these experiences, Devika created frameworks to help underrepresented individuals like her bridge the gap and attain the professional advancement they deserved. Using these frameworks, Devika transformed her entry level role into a people leader position in less than 6 years, increased her salary by 6X and helped her peers achieve similar success.

Today, Devika dedicates her days to helping organizations improve employee performance and productivity, increase retention, foster a more effective workforce and influence brand perception. Through a variety of workshops, programs and consulting services, Devika has helped dozens of organizations like Meta, Visa, Reddit, Morgan Stanley and many more to empower their employees to drive their careers forward while helping organizations to increase retention.

Devika is also the Co-Founder of Zaka, a career advancement platform for first and second generation immigrants and serves on the Board of Mentors for Monday Night Mentorship. She is currently writing her first career development book which will release in early 2024.

"Turning dialogue into action to achieve an enriching career and work environment is critical, but it takes awareness, sensitivity, and collaboration to achieve. We can support you in achieving the results you're looking for."
Devika Brij

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Why Our Partners Trust Us

 The thoughtfulness, intentionality, and realistic approach to both the curriculum and program delivery provided our team with a truly beneficial experience, and one that left them with tools to help advance their career.



Brij The Gap designed and led a 4-week program that got right to the core of the experience and she shared tangible resources, templates, assets, etc. that helped our employees take empowered action. We love working with Brij The Gap!


Brittany Roberts

Brij the Gap brings excellent experience and actionable ways to implement what you have learned. Participants of the program gain more confidence and clarity on how to plan and prepare for the next steps in their career!

Drew Rosenthal

Working with Devika was a dream – she is communicative, thoughtful, inquisitive, and thorough. She ensured that she wasn’t just presenting content on a subject matter; she also specifically wove in Glassdoor’s values and career competencies. I cannot recommend her enough!

Andrea Johnson

The online content is some of the strongest I’ve seen in this space and their expertise and energy comes through the prerecorded videos so well, but the live sessions took it another level! I can’t recommend BTG Consulting highly enough.



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